Maria and Tiffany cut from The Amazing Race

November 3, 2009 - by Sadonna · Filed Under Poker Women News Leave a Comment 

Poker Pros Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle have been through a trying time on this seasons CBS show The Amazing Race. Both Maria and Tiffany made it far in the competition but this past Sunday’s episode was too much for the girls and they were eliminated from the show.

The girls were in the Netherlands and had to complete a carnival test of strength game during one challenge. Both girls tried their hardest but after seventy one times it seemed as though it was time to quit.

Neither Tiffany nor Maria could hit the balls far enough in the Farmer’s Game. The game was similar to golf where players had to strike large balls with wooden mallets. Both finally decided that they were going to have to withdraw from the competition but by this time the host of the show Phil Keoghan found them on the course.

Even though everyone in the poker world was rooting for Tiffany and Maria to win the CBS hit show, the two women did an outstanding job and should be proud of their time on the television show.

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