Jennifer Harman Poses Semi-Nude in ESPN The Magazine

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ESPN the Magazine has released the brand new Body Issue and a few of the sports pros featured in the magazine are poker players. Jennifer Harman, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth and Scotty Nguyen are all featured semi-nude in the magazine.

This issue of the magazine features pros from many different sports. Gary Belsky the Editor-in-chief of ESPN the Magazine commented: “we’ve always been committed to showing fans a different side of the sports and athletes they love. This issue, from the amazing photos to the innovative journalism, is just our latest effort to do that. We’re very happy with the results.”

Almost 80 athletes were asked to participate and were asked to remove either most or all of their clothing when they posed. However the magazine was careful to make sure that there wasn’t too much revealed in the pictures.

Harman has admitted in interviews that she was nervous when she was first approached with the concept. She said she received a phone call from a friend at ESPN. He said that the picture would be a good shot and done with a lot of class.

The poker stars were featured in the only co-ed photo and for Jennifer to go topless in front of her fellow competitors must have taken a lot of guts. According to the general editor the photo shoot of the poker pros took about two hours.

Harman didn’t really think about the photo shoot being co-ed and had this to say on the matter: “I didn’t really give it much though because poker is a co-ed sport. It’s not gender-oriented.  Women and men can play poker with the same abilities. I’m not trying to be the best woman poker player in the world; I’m trying to beat the men and the women.”

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