Clonie Gowen Suing Full Tilt Poker!

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In a crazy story that was first relayed to me by my boyfriend (who actually ran the original piece over at, it looks as if one of my FAVORITE women poker players is suing her former employer for a huge breach of contract dispute!  How big you might ask ladies?  Well, $40 million bucks kind of big, lol.

The person at the center of the legal drama is none other than Clonie Gowen, a now-former (she was released on November 11th, 2008) Team Full Tilt Poker member who is suing the Online Poker superpower for apparently not paying her the amount promised to her during a 2004 phone conversation with the execs that run the poker site.  During this conversation, she was guaranteed a 1% ownership stake in the company, but only through what she believes was an orally binding agreement.  Mind you, this poor girl didn’t even get that big of a deal put in writing!

Well, after tirelessly promoting Full Tilt at various tournaments around the world and then doing print and television ads thereafter, the time to receive her “distribution” check finally came in 2007.  Well, she was a bit surprised when co-founder Howard Lederer offered her up $250,000 as her “share” dividend from the company.  For what ever reason, Clonie refused the check (I still have no idea why, and no other media sources have dished out any other reasoning behind such a crazy move) but STILL went on promoting the brand for no other compensation!

Anyways, to sum it all up, Clonie is bringing new definition to the term “hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn” after being recently let go of Full Tilt as one of their premier Team members.  She has since filed a lawsuit implicating not only FTP’s software provider Tiltware LLC, but also Pocket Kings LTD, and every major member on Team Full Tilt!  Yea, you heard that right…people like Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson, and Patrik Antonius have all been named in Clonie’s suit!

I mean right now, I guess I can see why she’s kind of pissed off.  No person likes being shafted for promoting a brand all those years for nothing and then all of a sudden be let go after dedicating so much loyal service.  But honestly, even as a woman who loves the game of poker so much, I just don’t see this going well for Clonie.  I just hope they settle it out of court and she gets some type of retribution. In all reality, the notion of her actually thinking she might get $40,000,000 out of it is a bit absurd, especially since the lack of a written contract is pretty key to ANY breach of contract lawsuit.

In either case, good luck Clonie…I’m thinking you’re gonna need it if it actually goes to trial.

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