Annette Obrestad Betfair Poker Ads Banned

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Annette Obrestad is a young poker phenom and it makes perfect sense that online poker room Betfair would use her in a campaign to draw in new players. Betfair created a print ad they sent out to customers via email which featured Obrestad and now the new advertisements have been banned in the UK by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) apparently needs little information before they will investigate an advertisement. The ASA received a complaint about the advertisement created by Betfair so they begin to look into the matter.

The advertisement was sent out to customers of Betfair, who have been proven to be of legal age to gamble. The ad featured a picture of Obrestad and stated: “online experience is measured in games, not years. Join the new breed. Annette Obrestad- ‘Annette—15’”.  The ASA stated the mention of the name and how young Obrestad looks, she is only 21, gives the impression that young people can gamble.

The ASA stated: ‘‘While we accepted the ad had not been deliberately targeted at young people in its distribution, we also noted the code stated that marketing communications should not be likely to be of particular appeal to children or young persons, especially by reflecting or being associated with youth culture.”

They commented that Obrestad’s online handle implied, when in print, young people encouragement to gamble. The ASA stated: ‘‘Because Ms Obrestad was 20 years old and because, as a professional poker player, she played a significant role in gambling in the ad, we concluded the ad breached the provisions of the code.”

The ASA has told Betfair that they must use people older than twenty five years of age in advertisements for future ads. Betfair has commented that they are very responsible to avoid younger people from gambling and now because of the advertisement ban, Obrestad will now be limited in her sponsorship deals in the UK until she is twenty five.

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