Cyndy Violette is not your average professional poker player.  What makes Cyndy unique is her very spiritual side, her love of metaphysics and healthy eating lifestyle views on a macrobiotic diet.  Her website is an absolutely refreshing look at poker and life.  She has her own line of poker themed clothing and life enhancement books and CD’s.  Mixing her love of poker with her spiritual side, Cyndi is currently creating a Positive Poker Affirmations CD.

Cyndy’s love of poker grew out of playing cards at the kitchen table as a young girl.  Her family’s move to Las Vegas when she was twelve and her first casino poker experience as soon as she turned twenty-one gave her a taste of what was to become. During the early 1980’s she gained employment as a blackjack and poker dealer in Vegas but soon the bug to play increased as she traveled to Lake Tahoe to play in a 7 card stud tournament.  Cyndy won the prestigious label of winning the largest cash prize ever won at the time by a women in a poker tournament.  The $74K win won her the attention of the poker community.  Realizing that playing poker professionally would be more beneficial than that of just a poker dealer, she quit her job and set sail on her journey.

Over $1.2 million in lifetime poker winnings, Cyndy holds the current 7th place ranking on the all-time women’s poker career earnings list. Her successes to date have been cashing out in 15 events at the World Series of Poker since 1995 and the 2004 WSOP 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo tournament title and WSOP bracelet.  She has appeared on the Poker Royale Pro/Celebrity Tournament on the Game Show Network and the WSOP Tournament on ESPN.  On Fox Sports Net she was featured on The Superstars of Poker. This 7 Card Stud specialty player’s view on being a women poker player is that it “is not an advantage or a disadvantage but just concentrating on being the best she can be.”  Violette is also a member of Team Brunson of Doyle’s Room online poker website.

This classy poker player and single mom is definitely beautiful on the inside as well as out.  Cyndy Violette regards her success to her healthy lifestyle and balance.  She divides her week into playing poker for half of the week and the other half to yoga, aromatherapy and metaphysics.