Rakeback Deals abound at Stack The Rake

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Earning a rakeback can be very important to a poker player and online website StackTheRake.com gives players the information they need to earn the most possible. Stack The Rake offers players information from top online poker rooms rakeback offerings as well as the latest news on rakebacks.

Stack The Rake has a long list of poker rooms on their site and with each room the site lists the amount of rakeback a player can earn as well as rakeback payment methods and when the rakeback will be given back to the player. Stack The Rake also keeps players up to date with the latest in rakeback news as well as offering a special rakeback calculator where players can calculate how much money they will earn back according to how much they play and how much the rake is.

Membership at Stack The Rake is free and poker players need only a few seconds to sign up. Once signed up, Stack The Rake will keep track of the poker players statistics so players are able to see how well they are doing and how much rakebacks they are earning.

Two poker rooms featured at Stack The Rake are PKR Poker and Betfair Poker. Both poker rooms are quite popular and offer a good size rakeback to players. Stack The Rake offers a special page devoted to both PKR Poker Rakeback and Betfair Poker Rakeback.

The PKR Poker Rakeback is currently at 30% and players can earn a rakeback during tournament play at the online poker room. Players will be paid their rakeback on a monthly basis as the funds will be transferred to the players account. Along with the PKR Poker Rakeback, the poker room is currently offering a 100% up to $800 bonus. This is a great way for players to get started at a new poker room and earn extra money to fund their bankroll.

Betfair Poker Rakeback is currently 30 to 40 percent and players can earn rakebacks in tournament play there as well. Betfair Poker is offering a welcome bonus of $1,500, which is quite large for an online poker room. Players will be paid twice a month to their accounts for rakebacks earned during each month.

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