Freezeout Poker Tournaments Versus Re-Buy Poker Tournaments

Freezeout tournaments are the most typical kinds of poker tournaments. It is pretty simple: You begin the tournament with a buy-in and once you’re out of chips, you’re done.

Re-Buy tournaments begin the same way except that you are allowed to buy more chips when you run low. The re-buy period is generally restricted to the first few rounds – with an extra add-on option right before it turns into a freezeout in which you are allowed one more chance to buy more chips.

Depending on the tournament, either all players or just the players with low chip counts are allowed to take advantage of the re-buy add-on option.  The amount of the re-buy is generally the amount of the buy-in; but sometimes you can re-buy for a lower amount.

Re-buys are part of tournament strategy and beginners should always take advantage of it.