Cake Poker Hosts NFL Primetime Race

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For the past two weeks, Cake Poker has been running an NFL Primetime race – a promotion tied into Cake Poker’s Gold Chips frequent player points system. There is a total of $50,000 to be doled out to the winners of this fantasy football poker playoff. And there is one week left to get in on it.

Running from January 1st through the 24th, anytime a Cake Poker member plays at one of the site’s NFL Primetime cash tables, the Gold Chips they earn will count toward that player’s performance in the NFL Primetime promotion. At the end of the promotional period, on the 24th of January, when the Gold Chips are counted, eligible players are split into four groups based on how many Gold Chips they earned.

The participants in each group will be given a free ticket into an NFL Primetime Final, a freeroll (a free poker tournament) in which the prize money will be awarded. For example, earn between 100 and 299 points and play in a tournament for a part of a $5,000 prize pool. Earn 1,000 points or more and play in a tournament for a part of a $20,000 prize pool.

All of these NFL Primetime Final Tournaments are to be held on January 31 at Cake Poker.

There are no direct buy-ins into these CakePoker NFL Primetime Final tournaments. You can only get a seat in a given tournament by earning enough Gold Chips to earn that seat. And as we said a moment ago, you only have a week left to do it. So you’d better get busy.

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