Innovative Online Poker Game To Launch In The US

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CG&E Gives US An Entirely Skill Based Texas Hold Em Online Poker Game

Carlyle Gaming and Entertainment Limited is contending that it can take the luck out of the game of poker and make it a completely skill based game.  The Canadian company will be unveiling their new Texas Hold Em online poker game PokerTwin™ this Fall.

PokerTwin™ will be marketed to US poker players and Carlyle ascertains the game eliminates the chance factor.  In achieving this, the skill based game will be a legalized version of the widely popular game and accepted in most states including California and New York.

The trademarked game will place players in identical seats at two different tables.  Identical poker hands will be dealt to each, leaving players to rely solely on their skills to win.  There will be a real money site at and a play for fun site with play money at

Carlyle Gaming has a few other gambling projects on the boards such as an electronic poker game with a twist and an Italian online poker network.

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