Do you fancy an online Casino Guide that is all encompassing and gives you what you want when you want it?  Are you tired of weeding through tons of searches to find one of the best around? Well look no further because provides you with so much information it will make your head spin, and in a good way!

Their gambling tutorial in my opinion is one of the top items on this website.  The tutorials provide very detailed information and examples on such theories like the “Origin of Probability Theory”, “What is Probability”, “Significance of Expected Value”, and “Expected Return and Player Edge”.   After reading the tutorial, you’re more than likely to walk away with a firmer grasp on these theories, at least I did!

You’re on the hunt to find the perfect online casino to sign up with right? Well, GambleCraft provides a nice list of well written reviews. Their choices for the “absolute best” are the Golden Casino, the Rushmore Casino and the Millionaire Casino. The reviews concentrate on important highlights such as bonuses; welcome, loyalty and other types of bonuses. Tournaments lists and games that the reviewed casinos offer are provided too.  When you’re ready to being your journey to the online casino of your choice all you need to do is click on the handy direct download button and in a few short moments – poof! – you’re ready to get your gamble on.

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Additional perks to this site are the sections on current Internet gambling news, their gaming software (a video poker coach, video poker calculator and gambler’s odds).  Perhaps your main concern is finding the best online casinos that accept credit cards, well offers current information on the online casinos that offer that method so it couldn’t be easier for you.