gives gambling noobs, novices, and sharks the most solid tips and strategies that help conquer the one game that casinos DO NOT have an edge on. The sheer amount of content here is impressive and I think that both Online Blackjack players and live players will find it to be a valuable resource.  It’s really no wonder why this is hands-down one of the most comprehensive and detailed Blackjack websites in the world.

One section of the site lists different types of blackjack games and explains the rules for each one.Every blackjack variant you can imagine is there including basic blackjack, Ties Win, Tequila Poker, One and Thirty and more. Some of these games I hadn’t even heard of but explains them all in an easy to understand manner.

For you serious blackjack players out there, the website also has a blackjack basic strategy chart. It’s a color coded chart you can use to easily follow mathematically correct blackjack strategy without having to memorize it all yourself. All you do is compare your hand to the dealer’s up-card and take the action indicated on the chart. Most casinos don’t mind if you use blackjack strategy cards so feel free to print off this chart and take it with you to any land-based casino.


Online Blackjack Website


All of these are just one of the MANY useful features I found at If you get a chance to check this site out, you’ll be happy I recommended it to you. Whether you’re into blackjack strategy, card counting, casual play or general information about blackjack, you’ll find it here.  The site is constantly being updated and it is one of the most heavily-visited Blackjack guides on the Internet.