Bellagio Casino robbed by motorcycle bandit

December 14, 2010 - by Sadonna · Filed Under General Leave a Comment 

Almost every day cheaters and criminals try to scam casinos out of money. Criminals may try to steal chips or fool the dealer to be able to earn extra cash. Recently one man decided to rob the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas in a very unconventional way, via motorcycle.

The man was armed with a gun and he drove to the casino on a motorcycle. He parked the motorcycle and then walked inside the casino at around 3:50 am. He was wearing his helmet and he walked right up to a craps table and took around $1.5 million in chips from the casino.

Las Vegas police stated that they think the robber is the same man that robbed the Suncoast Casino just last week. In that robbery the poker room cashier was the victim at the casino and $20,000 chips were stolen.

The robbery was confirmed by MGM Resorts who owns the Bellagio casino but they have not released any further details. This is just another incident that can be added to the list of casino robbery’s in Las Vegas this year. This robbery was different though since the robber was able to get away with the large amount of casino chips and his method of escape was so brass. Hopefully police will be able to catch the robber but so far there are few details known about the robber, as has been released to the press.

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