Best Resources for World Cup and NHL Predictions

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The World Cup and the NHL are two of the most popular sports that gamblers like to wager on. Many online sites give bettors information and predictions on which teams are going to come out on top in both sports. Two of the best sites to find predictions on both sports are:  World Cup Predictions and NHL Predictions.

The 2010 World Cup is quickly approaching and it will take place in South Africa this year. The World Cup Predictions website is a great resource for all things related to the World Cup. Bettors can find out who predictions on individual matches during the World Cup as well as who will be the 2010 Champion.

World Cup Predictions offers gamblers World Cup Odds, other betting site information, Odds, as well as each individual Group predictions. This resource for the World Cup is easy to navigate and use and bettors will be making their picks in no time.

Another great sports prediction site is the NHL Predictions website. This site is an information source for all sports betting predictions in hockey.  Daily NHL predictions can be found on the site as well as other odds, NHL Betting sites, predictions for each conference and Stanley Cup Champion predictions.

NHL Predictions is a great resource because they provide gamblers with the best information on NHL games and best of all the information is free! Visitors to the site will find they do not have to pay one dime to get any NHL prediction.

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