For The Fashionista Woman Poker Player!

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“Hey – I Love Your [poker] Shoes!”

While surfing the internet today with my daughter for shoes, we came upon something kind of unique from Keds.   Customizable tennis shoes and various unique styles.  One category of shoe caught my eye in particular – woman’s poker shoes. It’s from a company called , where they make customizable products designed by you.  “Infinite and one-of-a-kind-ness” is their tagline and every product you order from them is made the second you place your order and shipped within 24 hours.  Pretty amazing huh! We sure thought so.  My daughter is busily “designing” her own shoe and since shipping is so fast, we won’t have to worry not having the perfect shoe for when school begins.  What a fun little project for my future fashion designer!

These women’s poker shoes from Keds, could be a fun little shoe to pair with a black linen drawstring skirt/with crocheted hem and a white or red halter top either at your next poker tournament or while kicking it in front of your computer playing online poker!  Anyways, just thought I’d share!

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