Poker Promotions

PKR Poker Offers the BEST in 3D Play!

PKR Poker is the only online poker room that offers a 3D gambling experience. Because of the unique gaming options the online poker room provides they are one of the most popular sites available today. Players are able to make their own 3D character when they sign up and this … more

Steps to Finding the Best Poker Bonus Deals

Poker bonuses are one of the most attracting features of many poker sites and online casinos. These bonuses can come in different styles and modes and are primarily made to entice you to play poker online even more. Some of these bonuses can even be picked up the moment any … more

How to Build a Poker Bankroll

The Poker Bankroll is the most important factor in online poker play. Players must have a bankroll to be able to play their favorite online poker games as well as compete in tournaments. It is very important to build a poker bankroll so you have the appropriate funds to play … more

Cake Poker Hosts NFL Primetime Race

For the past two weeks, Cake Poker has been running an NFL Primetime race – a promotion tied into Cake Poker’s Gold Chips frequent player points system. There is a total of $50,000 to be doled out to the winners of this fantasy football poker playoff. And there is one … more